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2019-013 Consolidated Guidelines on the Process of Issuance of CPC and Provisional Authority /Special Permit under the OFG and PUVMP

Relevant provisions / summary
To simplify and expedite the implementation of the PUVMP, this MC adopts consolidated guidelines and policies and amends MC Nos. 2018-006, 2018-008, 2018-009, 2018-012 and 2018-013. The MC requires that only PUVs with at least Euro-4 compliant engines and compliant with vehicle specifications and standards shall be accepted. Also, all PUVs are required to be installed with devices such as GNSS receiver, free wifi, CCTV, automatic fare collection system (for PUVs within highly urbanized independent cities), speed limiter, and dashboard camera, among others. Date: March 16, 2019


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