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Baguio City dubbed as the City of Pines holds a population of 345,366 (2015). The city is governed by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong with Vice Mayor Faustino A. Olowan. As of May 2020, Plume Labs defined that the Air Quality Index of the city is 38 AQI which means that the air is moderately polluted and greater than the maximum limit established for one year by the World Health Organization (WH).

One of the key contributors of Baguio City’s AQI is transportation. To assess problems and provide solutions, the Promotion of Low Carbon Urban Transport System in the Philippines (LCT) Project organized a Capacity-Building Workshop for Baguio City’s LGU and its cooperatives last January 2020. More than half of Baguio’s riding public (57%) rely on Public Utility Jeepneys (PUVs), but this mode of transportation only makes up about 11-20% of all the vehicle types plying in the different parts of the city.

An urban carrying capacity study conducted by National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) CAR and Certeza-InfoSys has identified main transportation issues in relation to the following aspects: public satisfaction of urban transport, presence of commercial establishments in major intersections, busy streets around the city, increased volume of private vehicles and average commuting time on peak tourist season, and public transport waiting time.

Accordingly, the LGU participants of the LCT workshop recognized plans to address these issue such as: creation of City Traffic and Transport Management Office, formulation of Local Public Transport Route Plan in Baguio City including a City Transport Model Database, operationalization of Class 4 Standards, and Freight Transport Strategy.”

Mayor: Benjamin B. Magalong
Vice Mayor: Faustino A. Olowan

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Baguio City thumbs down limiting tourist arrivals

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