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DC 2006-04-0004 Adopting Department Circular No. DC 2004-04-04 Entitled “Guidelines on the Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation and Certificate of Authority to Import under the Natural Gas Vehicle Program for Public Transport as the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Executive Order Nos. 396 and 488 dated December 31, 2004 and January 12, 2006, respectively, and Department Circular DC No. 2005-07-006 dated July 5, 2005 and amending certain Provisions of the said DC No. 2004-04-004”

Relevant provisions / summary
Amends DC 2004-04-004, adding provisions on CNG transport operation, repowering of NGVs, and another category (Others: engaged in research and development activities and operation of NGVs as shuttle service by government entities as approved by DOE).
Date: April 20, 2006


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