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DO 2015-018 Premium Point-to-Point Bus Services for Greater Manila

Relevant provisions / summary
Defined a new category of premium point to point bus services, wherein the express bus service takes passengers to a specified destination with fewer stops in between origin and destination points, and required off-street loading and unloading areas. The DO also prescribed minimum specifications and operating characteristics for Premium P-to-P services, including modern features such as: (1) Euro IV or better emission standard or clean alternative fuel with equivalent or better emissions (e.g. electric or hybrid vehicles), (2) on board CCTV, (3) vehicle tracking via on-board GPS device, (4) free wifi for passengers (4) automatic fare collection systems, and (5) facility or advance ticketing and seat booking via mobile phone and internet, among others. LTFRB will have access to the real time GPS signals of all express buses, and the GPS-real time data will also be made publicly available to enable passengers to monitor bus movements/arrival times at terminals. Date: October 14, 2015


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