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DO 2019-007 An order amending provisions of D.O. No. 2015-011 for premium taxis, which shall hereunder be known as “Taxi Modernization Programme”

Relevant provisions / summary
The DO amended DO 2015-011 (which introduced the premium taxi service) and states that the objective of the taxi modernization is to respond to the needs of the riding public for safe, comfortable, and reliable transport services and comply with the PUV modernization program of the DOTr. It includes the specifications of the silver and gold taxis, which includes classifications for electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as safety features for seats, airbags, and windows, as well as modern taxi features including free internet, GPS, dashboard camera, and automatic fare collection. One of the operational requirements is that the maximum age limit for the taxi is 7 years from the year model as reflected in the certificate of registration. Date: May 08, 2019


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