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EO 712 2008 Directing the Immediate Review of Existing Orders, Rules and Regulations Issued by Local Government Units Concerning Public Transportation, Including the Grant of Franchises to Tricycles, Establishment and Operation of Transport Terminals, Authority to Issue Traffic Citation Tickets, and Unilateral Rerouting Schemes of Public Utility Vehicles, and for other purposes

Relevant provisions / summary
Mandated DOTC to establish a National Land Transport Policy Framework, which shall facilitate the modernization of the land transport industry through the promotion of utility services which are environment-friendly and shall provide assistance to the land transport sector through lease-to-own programs, technical assistance, subsidies, and the encouragement of the use of alternative fuels and/or renewable energy, among others. The DILG was tasked to establish and implement uniform truck ban hours that shall be applicable to LGUs located in a common area nationwide.
Date: March 11, 2008

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