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LCT Facilitates Low Carbon Transport Benchmarking Session Between Santa Rosa City And General Santos City

Feb 28, 2020 | General Santos City, News, Santa Rosa

General Santos City—On February 26 – 28, 2020, the Promotion of Low Carbon Urban Transport in the Philippines (LCT) Project facilitated a two-day Workplanning Workshop for LGU Department Heads of Santa Rosa City, Laguna, joined by Councilors and Transport Federation Officers of the city. The workshop was aimed to benchmark transport solutions and practices of General Santos City and was one of the tailored interventions of the Project to LGU Santa Rosa City.

General Santos City was the pilot area of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) for capacitation on the development of the Local Public Transport Route Plan (LPTRP). It was one of the first LGUs in the country that submitted a complete LPTRP. The Public Transport Alliance of Gensan (PTAG), as well as Metro GenSan Transport, are models for consolidation of transport associations and cooperatives, as well as for successfully accessing financing for its operations. The latter, in particular, was able to consolidate while shifting from three-wheeler to four-wheeler public utility vehicles (PUVs).

LCT Project facilitated the coordination and workshop upon articulation of Santa Rosa City LGU interest to learn from the practices of General Santos City LGU, especially that of the Public Transport Alliance of GenSan (PTAG) and Metro GenSan Transport. Both are public utility vehicle management cooperatives, which garner support not only from their community but also from national government agencies and international organizations for proving that cooperatives can run and manage an efficient and profitable public transport services.

As low carbon inputs to drafting a pilot city’s LPTRP is one of the concrete forms of assistance by LCT Project to LGUs, among others, the Project ensures that its goals are complementary with the vision of LGU Santa Rosa. Hence, this activity was crafted with LCT Project’s outcomes in mind, marrying with Santa Rosa City’s wish to benchmark on the PTAG and Metro GenSan Transport experience as well as with LGU General Santos City in crafting and submitting the LPTRP.

Participants from LGU Santa Rosa City and Project Team pose with General Santos City OIC-Mayor Hon. Shandee Theresa Odi Llido-Pestaño, PTAG Chair Mr. Robert Cang, Metro GenSan Transport General Manager Orlando Sabelita, and the rest of LGU General Santos City Representatives.

Participants from LGU Santa Rosa City pose for photo with the Project Management Team.

Participants from Santa Rosa City’s TODA pose for photo with the Project Management Team.