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  1. Institutionalise green port, green airport, green transport terminals, and green logistics.
  2. Develop sustainable and economically viable infrastructure for EEVs, for example, charging stations for EVs.
  3. Provide incentives to EEV manufacturers and users and consider different models of EEVs.
  4. Phase out two-stroke or non-fuel-efficient motorcycles.
  5. Introduce carbon tax and increase tax on imported second-hand vehicles above a certain age.
  6. Formulate and implement a fuel economy policy.
  7. Facilitate green mobility through provision of necessary infrastructure (e.g. walking path, bicycle lane, covered pedestrian walkway) with safety features, and developing necessary regulatory framework.
  8. Prioritise active and non-motorised modes in all urbanised areas and high-pedestrian areas (e.g. car-free zone, bicycle facilities, ban motorcycle in campuses, etc.)
  9. Introduce congestion pricing and higher parking rate in city centres.
  10. Implement a thorough consumer information and awareness programme by labelling all vehicles sold in the market by their energy efficiency rating.


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