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Mandating the DOTC to Lead in Formulating a National Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) for the Philippines

Relevant provisions / summary
The AO mandated the DOTC-led Task Group on Fossil Fuels (TGFF) to formulate a National Environmentally Sustainable Transport Strategy for the Philippines, including all activities related thereto. It tasked the TGFF to reform the transport sector to reduce the consumption of fossil-fuels. The new paradigm in the movement of men and things must follow a simple principle: “Those who have less in wheels must have more in road.” For this purpose, the system shall favor non-motorized locomotion and collective transportation system (walking, bicycling, and the man-powered mini-train).
AO Number: AO 254 2009
Agencies:: President Arroyo
Date: January 30, 2009


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