Policy Database: Add New Item

Content, Manual

Go to the sample policy to test adding a new policy and for info on creating links and adding images.

For adding new policy items proceed below.

Prepare all materials beforehand before adding a new item to the policy database. For the accompanying icon of the policy check the policy icon list to know which image to set.

To add a new item to the Policy Database mouseover the New link and click Post.

Paste policy title and description in the appropriate areas. Make sure to update the Publish Date area to match the actual release date of the policy.

In the Category section, tick the Policy checkbox to make sure the item will appear in the Policy section.

In the Policies section, click the Choose from the most used Policies link to get a list of Policies subcategories. Choose the appropriate category for the policy.

To add the Policy icon, click the Set Featured Image link. Search for the appropriate icon among the images. Click the image and then click the Set Featured Image button. Check the Policy Icon List to make sure you choose the correct icon to accompany the policy.

Click the Publish button to post the policy.