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RA 10963 Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN)

Sec. 45 of the TRAIN Law, amending Sec. 149 of the NIRC, provides that hybrid vehicles shall be subject to 50% of the applicable excise tax rates on automobiles, and purely electric vehicles and pick-ups shall be exempt from excise tax on automobiles. As to fuel, Sec. 33 of the TRAIN Law, amending Sec 108 B (7) of NIRC, states that the sale of power or fuel generated through renewable sources of energy and other emerging energy sources using technologies such as fuel cells and hydrogen fuels shall be subject to 0% rate of VAT.
Date: January 01, 2018


IRR Name: BIR Revenue Regulations No. 5-2018 – Implementing the Adjustment of Rates on the Excise Tax on Automobiles pursuant to the Provisions of RA 10963, otherwise known as the “Tax Reform for Accelerations and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law Amending for the Purpose Revenue Regulations No. 25-2003

Issuing Agency: BIR

Date: January 15, 2018

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