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SBN-759 Philippine Carpool Service Act

An Act Establishing Carpool Service in the Country, Regulating its Use and Operation, and for Other Purposes

This bill establishes the legal framework for providing and accepting carpool services. This bill classifies carpool vehicles as private carriers and allows the owners and/or drivers of carpool vehicles to receive monetary contributions to cover expenses incidental to carpool vehicle operation. Government agencies are also authorized under the bill to provide incentives to carpool owners and/or drivers, such as exemption from vehicle volume reduction programs and designation of dedicated carpool lanes, among others. The bill also addresses several key issues associated with carpooling, for example, to keep unscrupulous vehicle owners and drivers from exploiting the carpool services to operate illegal colorum vehicles, this bill imposes a registration requirement for carpool vehicles, a carpool trip limit of two trips per day, a carpool passenger limit of six per carpool vehicle, and a Gas Fund contribution limit to be defined by the Department of Transportation (DOTr).
Author: Recto, Ralph
Date: July 24, 2019


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