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  • BOI EV Package (Import Tax & CIT exemption and Excise Tax reduction).
  • Collaboration between Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Industry to discuss with China to set appropriate Import Tax for BEV under ASEAN-China FTA.

Domestic Market Stimulation

  • Set the target that 20% of government budget for vehicle fleet to be used for BEV procurement.
  • Urge Airport of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) to use more PHEV & BEV limousine.
  • Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand & MoST to use BEV at EEC.
  • EPPO to convert conventional taxi to BEV.
  • The Fine Arts Department to use BEV at large national heritage sites

Infrastructure Preparation

  • Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Transport to plan EV charging station location.
  • TISI to proceed on the National Automotive and Tire Testing Facility and prepare human resources.

EV Standards

  • TISI to proceed on standards of EV charging system, electromagnetic compatibility, battery for EV and DC meter for billing system.

End-of-life Management for EV Battery

  • Department of Industrial Works to prepare EV battery end-of-life management plan.
  • Pollution Control Department to enact Acts for EV battery end-of-life management.

Other Measures

  • Thailand Automotive Institute to proceed on productivity improvement project focusing on human development to support next-generation automobile industry.


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