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Currently, Turkey does not have all-inclusive legislation for EVs. However, in order to prepare the infrastructure to be able to support the widespread use of EVs, a draft of the rules and procedures 1 regarding Charging Stations for EVs was released for public opinion by EMRA (the Energy Market Regulatory Authority) at the end of 2017. The draft sets out the procedures and principles regarding the instalment and operation of charging stations and the supply of electricity to EVs through these countrywide stations. The draft law is expected to come into force in 2018.

The other items of sub-legislation regarding EVs are:

Under the Regulation on Parking Areas 2 , at least one (1) of every fifty (50) parking spaces must have charging stations for EVs at paid parking lots on the street sides and at shopping malls.

Similarly, under the Regulation on Planned Landscape Regulations, 3 EV-charging facilities will be installed at the parking lots, fuel stations and other suitable locations with the affirmative consent of the affiliated electric distribution company.


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