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UNDP-DOTr LCT Project Spearheads Collaboration with the Transport and Traffic Planners, Inc. (TTPI) for the Route Rationalization and Greening the LPTRPs of the LCT Pilot Cities under the MUCEP Study

Oct 15, 2020 | News

Virtual Consultation Meeting with LCT Program Team
Virtual Consultation Meeting with LCT Program Team, DOTR PUVMP, TTPI and the different offices of the City of Santa Rosa, to name: City Planning Development Office, City Engineering Office, City and City Population Office. Also represented is the TODA Federation in the City.

The UNDP-DOTr “Promotion of Low Carbon Urban Transport Systems in the Philippines (LCT) Project” supports four pilot LGUs in reducing carbon emissions from its public transport sector and in striving for sustainable urban mobility through capacity building, policy support, and business acceleration. This endeavor is part of implementing the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) being rolled out by DOTr.

In line with this, the LCT Project is providing technical assistance in the review and finalization of the Local Public Transportation Route Plan (LPTRP) of the Pilot Cities. The LPTR is mandated by the Omnibus Franchising Guidelines (DOTr Department Order 2017-011) which serves as the strategic tool of local governments in the Philippines in rationalizing and managing intra-city, inter-city, and provincial public transport routes. For the areas within the Greater Manila Area, the Transport and Traffic Planners, Inc. (TTPI) facilitated a series of trainings for LGUs in data gathering and completion of the LPTRP. TTPI is now currently undergoing the Route Rationalization Study for the Metropolitan Area and its adjacent cities. This includes the Cities of Pasig and Santa Rosa in Laguna.

Following through these initiatives under the PUVMP, the LCT Project also aims to facilitate the development of the “Green Route Selection Criteria and Guidelines” that is to be mandated by the EV Standards and Charging Stations Act being discussed in the Senate. Given the interrelationship of the processes and outputs of each project, there is a need to harmonize and identify gaps for the success of each endeavor.

To harmonize the process of route rationalization and the identification of Green Routes for MUCEP study areas, the LCT Project spearheaded the collaboration by organizing the coordination and consultation meetings with the concerned parties. Attended by the representatives from the LCT Project Team, DOTr PUVMP, TTPI and the LGUs, the kick off was conducted through a coordination meeting with Pasig City on September 30 and coordination and consultation meeting with the City of Santa Rosa on September 24 and October 8, 2020, respectively.

The coordination and consultation meetings were venues for the LCT Project the concept and framework of the Green Route Selection Criteria Guidelines development; for TTPI to present the planned activities on the Route Rationalization Study and the role of LGUs; and for the LGUs to present the proposed routes and available data in the City.

The meeting led to agreements on the next steps and arrangement in sharing information for greening the Cities’ LPTRP and Route Rationalization of the MUCEP Area.