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Virtual Business Development Workshop 1: Videos and Presentations

Nov 5, 2020 | Events, News

Session 1

Government Support Programs and Services for PUV Operators Affected by the Lockdown

The livelihood of drivers and other workers in the public transportation sector has been severely affected by the mandatory COVID lockdowns. Among the most vulnerable are the first movers to jeepney modernization, who are now unable to service the loans they incurred to purchase new vehicles.

Session 1 will present various programs and initiatives of various government agencies that support the vulnerable segments of the public transport sector. The discussions will involve subsidies and other mechanisms that augment revenues, reduce costs or defer payment to outstanding financial obligations. Each speaker is tasked to outline the benefits of their program, who the intended beneficiaries are, and how these beneficiaries can apply for support.


ASec. Steven Pastor

Road Transport and Infrastructure, Department of Transportation
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Ms. Maricel Deloria

Program Management Bureau, Department of Social Welfare and Development
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Mr. Generoso S. David

Assistant Vice President of Programs Management Dept. II, Land Bank of the Philippines
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Session 2

LGU practices in working with the PUV sector

Modernizing the public transport sector requires an understanding of the needs of each local government unit (LGU), and a patch to rationalizing these various interventions under a coherent national plan. One way to achieve this is to hear examples of effective bottom-up interventions by leading LGUs, and disseminating these practices for adoption in other locations where they are applicable and replicable.

Session 2 will present four LGUs that have taken the initiative to optimize their own public transport system, with a view to reduce passenger queuing and travel times, and improve local air quality.

Each speaker will contextualize each intervention, discuss the policy framework and implementation mechanism behind the intervention, and highlight key partnerships with private sector players that proved instrumental to their success.


Ar. Donna G. Rillera-Tabangin

City Planning and Development , Office Baguio City
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Co-speakers: EnP Teodorico S. Abad and Ar. Rolando B. Bautista

Engr. Noel Hechanova

CENRO, Iloilo City
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Mr. Robert Anthony C. Siy III

Head, Transport Development and Management, Pasig City
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Reactor: Mr. Robert Cang

Public Transport Alliance of GenSa, General Santos City

Session 3

Understanding the Market Opportunity in the Logistics and Cargo Transportation Sector

The increase in e-commerce and home delivery transactions during the COVID lockdown accelerated the growth of the last mile cargo transport sector in the Philippines. This may provide an opportunity for transport corporations and cooperatives that have underutilized passenger fleets to repurpose their assets and develop a new revenue stream.

Session 3 will present two of the leading e-commerce companies in the Philippines. Each speaker will share their views on how the warehousing and logistics for last mile deliveries is evolving, and what key trends interested third party logistics providers must take note of within the next 12-18 months. The speakers will also share their view about the growing sustainability movement in the e-commerce sector, and how this may affect how they do business in the future.


Atty. Jenicka Hosaka

Public Affairs Manager. Grab Food Philippines
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Ms. Dannah Majarocon

Managing Director, Lalamove Philippines
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Session 4

State of Innovation in the Philippine LCT Sector

The global trend of electrifying various modes of passenger and cargo transportation, and the relatively low barrier to entry of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing presents an opportunity to the Philippines to develop its local automotive industry. While numerous startups have responded to this opportunity, most of them are unable to scale effectively due to limitations in both financing and technology.

Session 4 will present how a stronger linkage between universities, research institutions and technology startups can address some of the challenges the electric vehicle sector is facing at the moment. Each speaker will be asked to share their areas of research, highlight what kind of potential applications these can have in the private sector, and how these can be commercialized in the coming months.


Dr. Manuel Biona, Ph.D.

Executive Director, EVAP Faculty, De Lasalle University
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Dr. Edwin N. Quiros

Project Leader, UP Vehicle Research and Testing Laboratory
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Prof. Lew Andrew Tria

Associate Professor, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute UP
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Session 5

Optimizing the PUV Business to Adapt to a Post-Pandemic World

Technology will play a central role in optimizing the movement of people and goods over the next five years. While electrification will be a major trend sweeping through the transport sector, so do will the adoption of commuting software that optimizes supply and demand in the informal public transport sector, and contactless payment systems that are not only convenient but also necessary in a post-COVID environment.

Session 5 will present three technology companies that offer solutions that make the transport sector more efficient at a vehicle level, at a fleet level, and at a city level. Each speaker will provide a background about their company and outline the various products and services they offer. Finally, they will explain how their products can be accessed by potential customers.


Mr. Philip Cheang

CEO, Sakay Mobility Pte. Ltd.
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Mr. Saurav Kumar

Founder and CEO, Euler Motors
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Ms. Kyle Tinga

Global Electric Transport, Sustainable Transport Specialist
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Reactor: Mr. Paolo Mutuc

Principal Consultant, Frost and Sullivan